B.A.R.T. 2018

International Tournament

B.A.R.T Committee 2018

We have completed the 22nd committee of B.A.R.T! 7 of us are excited to start working on an amazing weekend for people from near and far. 

We are excited to make B.A.R.T.'s 22nd Birthday bigger and better than ever. If you have tips/tops or are interested in volunteering let us know by sending an email or filling in the form.

Chairman: Nina Karthaus - [email protected]

Secretary: Laura Schenaarts - [email protected]

Treasurer: Jessica Ruisch - [email protected]

Sponsoring: Freek Sentjens - [email protected]

Party: James Clegg -- [email protected]

Catering: Max Walo - [email protected]

Matchsecretary: Ash Radchenko

Name: Nina Karthaus

Nationality: German

Age: 24

Study: Phd at the School of Business and Economics

Function: Chairman

Name: Laura Schenaarts

Nationality: Dutch

Age: 19

Study: Medicine (Bachelor)

Function: Secretary

Name: Jessica Ruisch

Nationality: Dutch

Age: 22

Study: Medicine (Master)

Function: Treasurer

Name: Ash Radchenko

Nationality: Russian

Age: 17

Study: Maastricht Science Program

Function: Match secretary 

Name: Freek Sentjens

Nationality: Dutch

Age: 19

Study: Medicine (Bachelor)

Function: Sponsoring

Name: James Clegg

Nationality: French

Age: 22

Study: European Studies (Master)

Function: Party

Name: Max Walo

Nationality: Swiss

Age: 22

Study: School of Business and Economics (Bachelor)

Function: Catering


Last years have shown how important volunteers are to organise a successful tournament. Every year the B.A.R.T. committee is grateful that there are other people on which we can count on during the tournament. Without these volunteers the B.A.R.T. Tournament would not be so well organised.

Would you like to help us out during the next edition of B.A.R.T.? You can sign up over here if you enjoy helping us out:
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